I started an alternate Puzzle & Dragons account on my iPad. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Read all about it. Or don’t.

Me and Mandrake, going all the way

The insanely-hardcore out there are already rolling their eyes because I didn’t re-roll my Mandrake. Re-rolling is pointless, anyway. You can get a great late-game team simply by playing smartly and using the tons of free stones GungHo throws at you in an intelligent way. Granted, that’s too much of a hurdle for your average “hardcore” gamer today, but that’s a separate issue. Back to the point. I don’t understand how anybody who believes in re-rolling could get their friends interested in this game. “Hey, here’s a cool game to play. You should play the tutorial hundreds of times until you get the right monster. Have fun!” Um, how ’bout no.

There’s a Godfest coming up soon anyway, and I’ll have a good number of stones by then, so it’s not like I’m gonna be too inconvenienced.

Luckily, I started with Brachy, so the team already has some synergy going. I breeze through the Tier 1 normal dungeons, making sure to level up Brachy, a Goblin, and a Blue Goblin for later use. I like Hobgoblin because he helps against some early orb trolling and you can get some free damage off of his skill if you’re lucky, and Marine Goblin is a poor man’s Siren in case she never drops for you.

8-13 team
My current team, as of 8/13

Since I can’t just faceroll the Tier 2  dungeons as I might have been able to had I been lucky enough to get a combo leader, I actually have to manage my orbs a bit and focus on making as many combos as possible. I’m also relying on my friend leaders a bit too. Since I don’t know what if anything I’m going to get on my next few REM pulls, I’ve been building up a variety of monsters so I can be ready. I just completed Demeter Forest and this is my current team:

Brachys, Lv 14 // Hobgoblin, Lv 1 // Mandrake, Lv 17 // Marine Goblin, Lv 1 // Black Knight, Lv 7

If you’re a PaD player, add me: 372,038,329. Add my main account, too: 326,899,263. There, I primarily play Life Protector Seiryuu, Karin.


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