More Puzzle & Dragons Adventures

I beat Fire Forest Nerva today. It was actually pretty tough, especially considering I have a strong Wood base and, as the name suggests, there’s a lot of Fire monsters in that dungeon. Fortunately, my Mandrake’s solid RCV and some high-HP friend leaders allowed me to tank a few hits and heal up while I plinked away the enemies’ HP. Seeing all those 1s pop up really puts a damper on your mood.

Completing Fire Forest Nerva and the free stones from the event gave me 15 stones, enough for three pulls in the Godfest. Fortune smiled upon me as I pulled my new waifu, a great sub for said waifu, and the best sub in the game. Team cost is a pretty big issue, with Pandora and Loki alone taking up 35/37 cost. So for now, Loki can sit on the bench and wait until I get some more ranks.

On another note, I hit rank 20 today as well. So if you’d like another present (and a Pandora-user), let me know soon. Again, my ID is  372,038,329. Otherwise, I’ll be giving it to myself.