Happy post-Labor Day! It wasn’t a great week for iOS gaming. Which is okay because I’m kinda addicted to Spellfall.

The biggest news in iOS gaming this week was actually the release of Bioshock, but I don’t really feel like playing that game again. Would you kindly listen to me talk about Terraria instead?


The long-awaited update for Terraria finally added Hardmode to the game. Despite being named version 1.1.5536, it’s actually roughly equivalent to the PC version 1.2-ish.¬†Another cool feature in the update is Everyplay support, allowing¬†you to record videos of your gameplay which can be seen via the main menu. It’s a cool feature that I hope makes it into more games in the future, although as you can see, support is actually pretty large right now.


This game bit me hard, despite the big wall I just hit. Seriously, throwing a level 8 boss at me when the other enemies in the tower were level 6? Just gotta keep working at it. Anyway, its match-3 mechanics are just different enough to be interesting. I can feel the IAP pressure coming up soon, though. They really find ways to bleed gold from you. Unlocking rune slots in your equipment is the worst offender. The equipment and rune system is cool, but it hurts my soul (but not my wallet, yet) to have to unlock the slots again each time you get a better piece of equipment. We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t like the fact that I feel dread rather than elation when I get a cool new piece of gear.

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