The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released today, and if you’re looking for some games for your shiny new toy, here’s what I’ve been playing.

Epic Zen Garden

Not really a game, per se, although it does have more interesting gameplay than Destiny. Bazinga! (I like Destiny, actually. And I felt dirty typing “Bazinga”.)  No, but seriously, it’s a nice-looking tech demo, so if your device supports it (iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display), you should get it.

Frozen Free Fall

A competent but unremarkable Candy Crush Saga clone, although it does have a few wrinkles to set it apart. It’s not bad, I guess.


A strategy game that combines world-building and 3-on-3 monster battling. Unfortunately, the combat isn’t much to talk about: it’s mostly automated, with a constantly refilling meter that lets you use one of your monster’s special abilities. Battles give you matter, which you use to generate tiles for the world-building aspect of the game. Setting tiles in the right places generates features like forests or lakes, which generate new creatures for use in battles, allowing you to continue the cycle. Conceptually, it’s an interesting game, but the lack of any documentation or tutorials means that you don’t always have the information you need to make good strategic decisions. It has some potential, so I’ll probably keep it around.

Puzzle & Dragons Journal

I made two pulls on the Pink Dragon REM today, pulling a Mitsuki, the Flame Fox and a Cinderella. Once I get the materials for Mitsuki’s ultimate evolution, she’ll give a nice HP/RCV boost for my Attacker team. I don’t really have a team idea for Cinderella yet, but as a Light monster, she can be a nice heartmaker in my Sun Wukong team.

I only got one Dark Sprite, Cattleya from the entire two weeks the Shadow Sprite dungeon was available, which is pretty disappointing. I’ve actually been keeping her around as a Pandora sub in case I need to use their active more than once. Her Healer-type actually might come in handy with my Blue Valk and Mitsuki friends, too.

With no biweekly dungeon that I’d like to run, it’s time to make some serious progress through the game. I’d like to make another pull on the Pink Dragon REM before it goes away again, so I need to pick up stones from clearing dungeons.

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