Actually, it’s really more like the first 3 hours, but I added time to download patches and such because it made the number look more impressive.

Bungie was smart to put good chunks of exposition into loading screens so you can’t escape it. It’s like some suit at Bungie thought, “Hey, Game of Thrones is the new hotness. I bet gamers everywhere would be more interested in listening to someone blather on about the inane bullshit we’re trying to pass off as an interesting sci-fi tale if Peter Dinklage was saying it!” It’s kind of sad that people at Bungie think gamers could be reduced to giggling teenage girls. “Ohmygosh, it’s like Tyrion Lannister is talking to me! He’s so dreamy!” Feh.

It’s a good thing that the shootin’ and lootin’ is pretty interesting because I suspect most gamers are not pushing forward in this game to hear Peter Dinklage’s creepy monotone voice. I got some decent gear after the second story mission, which just made it hurt even more when I got jack after the next few story missions. I want things. And to see the environments.

I’ve been playing a Hunter and I want to try the Bladedancer subclass once I get to a high enough level. Their throwing knives deal a pretty good amount of damage if you hit a weak point. Their super seems a bit underwhelming, but it’s pretty useful for dropping shielded enemies like the Captains or the Wizards. I’m still a bit unclear as to how your skills increase, though. It just seems like you randomly increase skills as you complete missions and it doesn’t seem like you can influence which skills you gain. Wacky.

Overall, Destiny’s a pretty cool game, but the real test of an MMO-shooter is how well Bungie handles hotfixes and content patching, especially since the first planned expansion isn’t launching until December. Will gamers find enough things to interest them until it hits? Hopefully.

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